A full suite of tools to support your monitoring program

Flexible data management
Easily edit and add new readings to monitoring sites using our web or mobile applications.
Data integration services
Work with our team to routinely push data to third party portals such as Water Quality Exchange.
Live monitoring maps
Portable maps that can be placed in any webpage and updated with your organization's data.
Powerful API
Build your own custom apps and data science workflows with live data from the Water Reporter API.
Flexible data management

Store, edit, and manage data seamlessly

Our web and mobile applications make it easy to keep water quality monitoring samples up to date for real-time visualization and data sharing.
Lower Gwynns Falls G
Bacteria - 1076 cfu
Barom. Pressure - 767.3 mmhg
Dissolved Oxygen - 13.66 mg/L
2/22/2022 @ 2pm
Barbara Johnson
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Data integration services

Ship data to third parties

Our team can work with you to integrate your data into portals such as Water Quality Exchange and other specified formats.
Barbara Johnson
• Sept 2
Water Reporter made converting our water quality monitoring records to the WQX format so insanely simple. The platform's data manager is the backbone of our program.
formatWQX( id: ‘f2f899a4b4a2ea70’)
Blue Water Baltimore
WQX Conversion
Current Readings
Conversion Success
Ready for Upload
Task Number: 20600030902 
Flexible Data Management

Create live monitoring maps

Sharing a simple map of your monitoring sites and results shouldn’t be a six-month exercise. Water Reporter’s Pro account enables users to create portable maps that can be shared anywhere.
Powerful API

Build your app on our API

Water Reporter's JSON API opens your program's water quality monitoring data for use in any application development project.
Water Reporter Assistant

Alexa Skills

Embed your monitoring program's data into daily decision-making with our AI Water Reporter Assistant.
Barbara Johnson
• July 2
Hey Alexa, Open Water Reporter. Ok Water Reporter, look up swimming conditions near me.
Water Reporter Assistant
• July 2
The closest monitoring site to you is Lock Raven Reservoir. Lock Raven is good to go for swimming. Bacteria levels are below MD contact risk.
Mainstem B
Blue Water Baltimore
Northwest Harbor
Patapsco River Watershed
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Full QR Code Integration

Share the latest monitoring results at a station through social media or place scannable QR codes on local signage, bringing the latest results right to your users' device.

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