Creating the Code
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We build digital infrastructure in support of the environmental movement.
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Proven technologies that deploy quickly, adapt to any domain, and aid your organization in furthering its environmental mission.
Simple data management: Systems to manage your data that optimize operational efficiency and data-driven outcomes.
Interoperability: Our products ensure data are structured for any number of visualizations out-of-the-box or third-party applications.
Targeted APIs: Open and machine-readable data for use in any workflow or custom application development project.


Build a portfolio of your land protection and restoration projects. Track metrics, measure impact, and share progress through portable live maps.
Integrated models
Live support
Seamless reporting
Spatial data editing
Program management

Digital Services

Access a core set of project management, design, and integration services that unite your data with modern tools to bridge gaps in technical capacity and support your organization's mission.
Jake Reilly
NFWF • Sept 5
“With FieldDoc we have  standardized data and actionable insight as to where each of our grant-funded projects stand with respect to implementation and nutrient reductions. This could be the solve for Bay-wide BMP verification.”
Max Herzog
CWA • January 6
The Commons and its Water Reporter Platform have been invaluable assets as we work to transition the work of volunteer science programs into the digital age.
Alice Volpitta
BWB • Nov 2
Blue Water Baltimore discovered high bacteria levels at this Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant, triggering MDE inspections and the discovery of major violations. When discussing our data with MDE attorneys, EPA, and funders, we've used Water Reporter to visualize  pollution emanating from the second-largest wastewater treatment plant in the state of Maryland.
Eric Schaeffer
EIP • Oct 1
The Commons has greatly accelerated our ability to automate heavy metal exceedance tracking at coal ash disposal sites across the nation. These data and this organization have grown to become a core component of EIP’s environmental enforcement programs.

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